Translation Courses

translation courses
for professional translators

Available from anywhere in the world
through online distance learning

♦ WLS Professional Certificate in Translation ♦

Awarded by WLS, and based on typical commercial texts, this course is specifically designed to meet the professional needs of the translation industry.

♦ CIOL Diploma in Translation ♦

Awarded by the Chartered Institute of Linguists, London, this course is based on journalism, literature and general and specialised texts.

Individual training for each course
or in combined form to obtain both qualifications

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Course Features

Both Translation Courses:

■ Reasonable Fees
   ‣ from €465/£375/$595

■ Flexibility
   ‣ Registration open all year
   ‣ No fixed dates for assignment submission

■ Language combinations

   ‣ EN > FR     EN > ES     EN > DE
        EN > PE     EN > IT

   ‣ FR > EN     ES > EN     DE > EN
        PE > EN     IT > EN

WLS Professional Certificate in Translation:

■ Continuous assessment

   ‣ No need to attend examination venue

■ Full practical training

   ‣ Suitable for inexperienced translators

CIOL Translation Diploma:

■ Worldwide examination venues

■ Courses specialise in translation of

   ‣ Literature

   ‣ Journalism

   ‣ Academic Texts