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Translation Courses

Translation Courses
for professional translators

Available from anywhere in the world
through online distance learning

➤ Registration open all year

➤ Self-paced study

♦ WLS Professional Certificate in Translation ♦

A programme specifically designed to meet the professional needs of the translation industry:

♦ Based on authentic texts typically commissioned for translation in a wide range of topic areas e.g. business, marketing, legal, technical and others

Courses can be broadly-based or specialise in one or two areas e.g. legal translation

Different course formats adaptable for both novice and experienced translators

Fully online no need to attend examination venue.

♦ CIOL Diploma in Translation ♦

A programme of preparatory and revision courses in preparation for the DipTrans Examination of the Chartered Institute of Linguists, London:

Based on journalistic and literary texts, as set in the DipTrans Examination

Course formats available to cater for different levels of experience

Courses can be broadly-based or specialise in one or two areas or examination units

Examination available online from home or at venues worldwide.

➤ Individual training for each course or in
combined form to obtain both qualifications

■ Language combinations
EN > FR     EN > ES     EN > DE    EN > IT    EN > PE    

  FR > EN     DE` > EN     ES > EN    IT > EN    PE > EN    

■ Affordable Fees
 from €465/£395/$535 for eight assignments

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