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DipTrans Modular Courses

WLS is now providing DipTrans courses on a modular basis, offering the possibility of preparing individual topic areas of the examination. These courses are an addition to our current range, which concentrate on preparation for the full exam.

The examination consists of 3 Units, all of which must be passed in order to obtain the CIOL Diploma. This involves 7 hours' examination, or 1 full day, to obtain the qualification "in one go". With two examination sessions now available each year, in January and July, taking the examination in stages is an attractive prospect. In addition, the CIOL awards Certificates for successful completion of individual units.

The Diploma examination also covers a wide range of topic areas in Translation. The only compulsory topic is General Translation, tested in Unit 1. For Unit 2, the candidate can choose between Technology, Business and Literature, while for Unit 3, a choice of 4 topics is offered: Science, Social Science, Law and Arts & Culture. The topic in Units 2 and 3 can be chosen on the day of the examination.

While some examination candidates prefer to "keep their options open" by taking preparatory courses that cover all topics, others find preparation in such a wide range of topic areas too time-consuming. Others again may prefer to concentrate on specific topics because they are revising for a re-sit, or have a work background or translation experience in certain topics.

The WLS range of DipTrans courses now caters more effectively for all types of examination candidate, both those who wish to cover all areas and those who prefer to choose their own "pick n mix" of topics through the modular course.

For full details of all our Translation Courses, please click here to download our brochure.

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