Distance Learning




A Training Solution for Today's World

The development of modern technology and advent of the Internet have seen a huge rise in demand for learning by distance or “e-learning”, as it is sometimes called. It is easy to see why:

• Time advantages: The need to spend time travelling to and from a college in late evening or at weekends is avoided.

• Flexibility: Attendance at specific dates and times is avoided.

• Cost effectiveness: A teacher does not have to physically attend at a specific place to deliver the same lecture or class several times over. All the classes can be consolidated into one set of course materials.

• Individual attention: Consolidating classes means a tutor’s time can be spent interacting on a one to one basis with the student.

WLS has harnessed its experience of nearly 25 years as a training organisation to develop distance courses suitable for today’s world. We have moved from traditional distance courses, that relied on the vagaries of the postal system, to a system with smooth delivery of materials via website download and ongoing tutor access via email.The course content is also being adapted to take advantage of the possibilities offered by the Internet in terms of access to knowledge and research facilities, and the possibilities of interactive learning technologies.

Distance Options

Distance Translation Courses

WLS Professional Certificate in Translation: a course which is fully geared to today’s translation world, with use of “real-life” texts and recognition of the very important role of the Internet in facilitating translation research.

CIOL Diploma in Translation: a course that offers distance preparation, with Internet access to materials and tutor contact by email, for the DipTrans examination set by the Chartered Institute of Linguists (London).

Distance TEFL Courses

WLS CertTEFL: a 100-hour certified distance TEFL programme. In 1999 WLS was one of the first TEFL trainers to adapt its classroom TEFL courses for online learning.

WLS CertGRAM: an interactive self-study programme in English grammar accessible online or on a CD. Optional examination for certification. The component is also made available as part of the CertTEFL course.