Translation Services

We offer 3 types of service
tailored to your needs

Basic Service: Automated Translation

Definition: This is computer-generated or “machine translation.” Developments in technology mean that automated “output” is often of a relatively acceptable linguistic standard but generated at high speed, resulting in considerably reduced costs for clients.

Nature of Service: Text is delivered in the same electronic format as supplied or in hard copy, if required, with layout and formatting organised in the same way as the original, but without any substantive edits to the machine output. This means that certain parts may not be fully comprehensible and/or may be misleading or incorrect.

Availability: For selected document types and languages. We can advise on suitability of a document for this service and provide a definitive quotation, on sight of same.

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Pricing: charged at 25-35% of premium rate.
In a nutshell: highly cost-effective in specific situations

Professional Service: Post-Edited Translation

Definition:“Post-editing” means the human correction of “raw” machine translation output, so that the text achieves a similar standard to full human translation.

Nature of Service: Post-edited translation can be supplied for client-generated machine output or WLS-generated output. The text will be edited to remove major content, grammar and stylistic errors, but is not guaranteed to achieve the same end result as a full human translation.

Availability:Post-edited texts are suitable for a wider range of applications than simple “raw” machine output. Again we can advise on suitability of document and likely standard to be achieved on sight of original or of client-generated machine output.

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Pricing: charged at 55-65% of premium rate.
In a nutshell: human translation at reduced cost in specific circumstances

Premium Service: Full Human Translation

Definition: This means that a human translates all the text from the outset, or any automated output used to aid the translation task is fully revised and polished.

Nature of Service: The translation delivered will be fully correct as regards its informative and linguistic content. It will also be natural-sounding and “polished”, aiming to read like a document originally written in the target language.

Avalability: For all document types and languages that we deal with. This is the only service we provide for legal and official documents and/or documents requiring certification.

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Premium Rate Pricing: charged per word within a range according to language combination. The specific price will depend on language direction, document format/layout, delivery format etc.
Price Range per Language Combination

French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese: €120-€140 per 1000 words.
German & Dutch: €140-€160 per 1000 words.
Other languages: €150-€170 per 1000 words.
• Discounts for long documents
• Mininum charge: 25% of relevant premium rate
• Prices are subject to VAT at 23%

In a nutshell: the best and safest option

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Our most competitive rates are offered for:
• Languages in which we specialise

• Documents in all languages supplied and delivered in Word or text PDF

To provide a quotation we usually need to see the text to be translated or edited

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